Fundraising Support

Yes, we have a network of investors who are looking to invest in tech startups. To be eligible for investment, your startup must have at least two founders, be post-revenue, and be seeking equity funding for scaling purposes. Startups should also be at least two years old.

We provide services to tech startups up to Series C and small and medium businesses seeking both equity and debt funding support. We network with various venture capitalists, financial institutions, and banks to facilitate your funding process.

We provide comprehensive funding support services, including:


Investment readiness: We perform internal due diligence in terms of commercial, financial, and legal areas by creating a dedicated online space for investors to access your important documents. This will help you confidently reach out to potential investors and explore multiple funding options.

We have a network of debt providers, including banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), and private lenders, to meet your short-term and long-term funding needs. We will first assess your funding requirements and provide dedicated support for dealing with these institutions. We will then reach out to the institution most likely to provide funding.

We offer three billing arrangements:


  1. Monthly retainer services for comprehensive funding support
  2. Fixed-price engagement on a project basis (e.g., Pitch Deck preparation or financial modelling)
  3. Hourly consulting arrangement at a rate of $50 per hour

Our expertise lies in working with tech startups in the fintech, SaaS, tech logistics, AI, and EV segments. We are open to discussing expert support for other segments.

The first step is to get professional Pitch Deck and financial modelling services. Our team of experts will assess your business in terms of competitors, market, financial, and commercial angles. A professionally drafted Pitch Deck supported by financial modelling will help you start reaching out to prospective investors in the market.

Once you have a Pitch Deck to reach out to investors, you need to be prepared to provide documents for preliminary and detailed due diligence. We have expertise in dealing with investors and venture capitalists for due diligence support. Therefore, we recommend setting up a dedicated data room before you involve yourself in the extensive DD investor process. This will be helpful during the fundraising process.

Since we helped you extensively in building your data room and related documents, our team will be involved in any discussions where investors need further explanations or insights for documents. Therefore, this is not only project-based support but also implementation support during your fundraising process.

While you may review key terms independently, our extensive experience in the market will allow us to identify any key terms that may impact your future relations with investors or subsequent fundraising efforts. Therefore, it is recommended to take advice on a term sheet from different investors to negotiate better deals for your business and maintain healthy relationships with your investors.

Financial modelling represents how your business will grow with certain business assumptions, along with sensitivity analysis and scenario planning. This helps investors and lenders understand any potential risk factors and the approach your key team members would like to follow. Therefore, it is important to present a financial model professionally to increase your funding success in the market.